Sustainability , advantages and objectives.

1. REKA is made of Eco leather, and therefore is a friendly animal products. No need to kill any animals to enjoy Reka harness.

2. High resisting synthetic materials. The materials used to produce REKA are polyester tapes, this provides a very high durability of the product.

3. REKA respects the environment. Contrary to what one might believe, cotton and other vegetable fibers require a minimum of 50 times more water to produce one kilo of material than what is needed to obtain a kilo of polyester.

4. REKA helps create jobs: the invention and manufacture of REKA also facilitate the 'networking' between the participating companies, promoting a real ecosystem between small businesses who create most jobs. In fact, REKA keeps looking for partners to expand the market and the distribution and create even more direct and indirect jobs. If you want to cooperate in the distribution of REKA contact us at