Reka Move

We all have the same problem with our mobile or wallet.

These are two essential things in our daily lives and REKA is what we were all looking for, cause it allows us to always have them with us in a very comfortable way. REKAMOVE wishes that you too can enjoy the benefits and advantages of it and wishes you a very good day.

One more way to be on form with rekamove

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Often our life becomes a little sedentary. There are app's that help us count our steps and know exaclty how much we have walked and how much more we should walk to burn those calories that we have left. Well REKAMOVE helps you to have your Smartphone always with you and on you

Health, wellbeing and comfort

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Why carry a bag or a shoulder bag, hanging on one side and causing your back to suffer? REKA, thanks to its special crossover gives you a uniform and comfortable weight distribution

Your back will thank you

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REKA is composed of two interchangeable covers and if you prefer at a given time, can also give another use, removing them from the support and passing the Velcro on your belt, creating an extra layer to your movements.

Because it is important to be discreet.

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For the first time in history, REKAMOVE gives the world a product that is able to store your most valuable possessions without any bother and without them being in danger.

10 reasons why you should have a REKA

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In REKA MOVE we are restless and always looking for new ways to safely carry our most valuable things while we seek the best way, the most convenient and the trendiest.
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