Reka Move

We all have the same problem with our mobile or wallet.

These are two essential things in our daily lives and REKA is what we were all looking for, cause it allows us to always have them with us in a very comfortable way. REKAMOVE wishes that you too can enjoy the benefits and advantages of it and wishes you a very good day.

10 reasons why you should have a REKA

10 reasons why you should have a REKA

In REKA MOVE we are restless and always looking for new ways to safely carry our most valuable things while we seek the best way, the most convenient and the trendiest.
REKA is recently born but it’s being very successful and we are encouraged to survey those who already have their own REKA, asking why they have bought a REKA and which benefits were expected and/or which benefits have finally obtained.
Gladly, listed below are 10 of the most important reasons why you should also have a REKA.

    1. 1- With REKA I will never again forget my smart-phone or wallet anywhere, avoiding therefore a big problem, because if I lose these two things, I do not know how much time I will have to waste reporting its loss and in addition, having to remake each document again. Uff, I do not even want to think about it.

    1. 2- Thanks to REKA my phone and wallet are really safe because it is impossible for any pickpocketer, even the most skilled, to take them off me without me noticing it.

    1. 3- When I use the car, REKA is my solution, because when I wear the seat belt, REKA is not annoying, and also I still have access to its content in an easy and effective way.

    1. 4- When I get dressed with clothes that do not have many pockets, for example to go for a walk or bike ride, REKA solves the problem of where to put my phone and my wallet, the two most important things for me.

    1. 5- If I wear a jacket or any garment, REKA hides perfectly under it in a very discreet way, but if I have to take off my jacket, having the REKA on, I will automatically still have my valuables on me, and won’t leave them in the jacket.

    1. 6- Ideal for travelling. When I go through airports, documentation is often asked, and it’s very handy to have it in a REKA, or I will end up putting my documents somewhere where I will very probably forget it. REKA is ideal as for example you can fit up to 5 passports, meaning that for the whole family. And if I go to a coffee shop or a meeting etc, by having a REKA, I don’t have to put my phone or wallet on the table, with the risk that it could get stolen or left behind. 

    1. 7- I cannot stand having to put my phone and wallet in my pockets, shoulder bag or briefcase. The REKA solves this.

    1. 8- When I go to the supermarket or shopping malls, some shops ask me to put my bag in a locker, but when I go to pay, I have to go first to the locker and get my bag and this is very annoying. However with REKA there is no need to leave something as important as my phone or wallet out of my visual range.

    1. 9- When I push the pram, and I want to have my hands free, I have my phone inside REKA with my headset and I can do any movement with the head or body. I can even change the baby without needing to put my phone anywhere or having to put it into an uncomfortable pocket from which it drops most of the time.

  1. 10- Some people prefer to wear a shoulder bag because they need to carry more objects, but on that special occasion Reka is the perfect option, safely, comfortably hidden under your jacket while you attend your special moment, wedding, concert, business meeting, etc,.


At the end of the day, we use the phone for everything. And what about our wallet. We carry there a lot of personal information, so...