Reka Move

We all have the same problem with our mobile or wallet.

These are two essential things in our daily lives and REKA is what we were all looking for, cause it allows us to always have them with us in a very comfortable way. REKAMOVE wishes that you too can enjoy the benefits and advantages of it and wishes you a very good day.

Because it is important to be discreet.

Because it is important to be discreet.

For the first time in history, REKAMOVE gives the world a product that is able to store your most valuable possessions without any bother and without them being in danger.
Today the importance of the phone and wallet for our daily lives has reached a very high level and requires that the data stored in them are well protected and well guarded.
All this should not disturb our ability to move nor modify our clothing, and the risk of loss or theft be minimum or even totally solved.
That's where REKAMOVE solves all these aspects and gives security and incredible comfort. All this without anyone even being aware that you have it on and safely kept.

Finally thanks to REKAMOVE you can relax have no more fear of having your most valuables taken away.
Use it anytime, as you want and wherever you want. When you travel, you go to work, go shopping, when you practice hiking or biking, basically when you move.

From REKAMOVE we wish that from now on you can always carry these important objects without this creating any stress or worries.

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