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We all have the same problem with our mobile or wallet.

These are two essential things in our daily lives and REKA is what we were all looking for, cause it allows us to always have them with us in a very comfortable way. REKAMOVE wishes that you too can enjoy the benefits and advantages of it and wishes you a very good day.


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From our mistakes, we learn the best lessons, The secret is to rectify them with actions. There are two very important objects that are part of our daily lives. Our mobile phone and wallet. Forget the money for a moment, but if we lose our wallet, or if it gets stolen, that's where we have our credit card, our personal documents, our social security card, our driving licence etc etc.
REKA has proven to be an innovative project. Something that in spite of being simple at first glance, no one had thought to develop, passing completely unnoticed. From REKAMOVE, we hope you enjoy this creation in a very simple way. The REKA can be used in many different situations, as it is hanging on our shoulders without any hassle thanks to equal distribution of weight, which will help taking care of our spinal column. With REKA you will fe
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